Sympathy Flowers Douglas


At this difficult time, here at Clucas Florist Douglas we hope to make choosing and ordering flowers that little bit easier for you. Choose from our wide range of sympathy flowers including wreaths, posies and sheaf’s which we can also carefully customise to make ordering funeral flowers that little bit more personal. We deliver to all the local funeral directors, rest assured we take of every aspect of the funeral flowers and ensure they are delivered in good time and in pristine condition.

If you prefer to discuss face to face, please come into the shop to view our wide selection of pictures. We can discuss your particular requests – please be assured we are very experienced florists delivering many varied funeral tributes week by week – and view our brochures and selection guides. We also have a selection of funeral verses. If you are struggling to find the words our funeral verses can really help at this difficult time.

Here are a small selection of funeral verses:


Resting where no shadows fall.


In memory's garden we meet every day.


Together for ever.


Reunited, free from pain.


Jesus called a little child unto him.

Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away.


Earth has one gentle soul less,

And Heaven one angel more.


Deep in our hearts a memory is kept,

Of one we loved and shall never forget.


God will link the broken chain,

As one by one we meet again.

In our hearts he will always stay,

Loved and remembered every day.


Their life a beautiful memory,

Their absence a silent grief.


God bless you and keep you in His care,

Until we meet again.


You fell asleep without goodbye,

But memories of you will never die.


Time may pass and fade away,

But memories of you will always stay.


In God's care you rest above,

In our hearts you rest with love.


Words are few, thoughts are deep,

Memories of you we will always keep.


Happy memories silently kept,

No need for words, we'll never forget.


Simple words but very true,

We'll always love and remember you.


A cluster of memories sprinkled with tears,

Wishing God had spared you a few more years.


Tenderly we treasure the past,

With memories that will always last.


Partings come and hearts are broken,

Loved ones go with words unspoken.


Never selfish, always loving and kind,

These are memories you leave behind.


Ours is just a simple prayer,

God bless and keep you in His care

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